PEMF For Cancer

PEMF For Cancer

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Cancer care clinics in different parts of the World are using PEMF equipment combined with other alternative cancer protocols.

PEMF therapy is not a substitute for cancer care at our hospitals.  Although PEMF therapy is not a cure, it is a wonderful complementary therapy to add to your current treatment plan.  Some of the benefits with PEMF therapy are stated below.

PEMF Health Inc. strongly believes in chemotherapy and radiation for all cancer patients.  Cancer patients should follow the guidelines of their cancer doctors.

PEMF therapy can energize, oxygenate, and detoxify non cancerous cells.  Mostly all of the body's 200 cell types benefit with an increased cellular charge.  Individuals  who have diminished or chronically ill health can improve their health with PEMF therapy.(1) (2) (3) (4)

PEMF therapy cellular battery diagram picture showing healthy, diminished, and chronically ill cell charge.

All energy and matter is Electromagnetic.  Our body is electrical and so are our cells.  Think of your cells as having mini batteries in them called mitochondria.   Healthy people have cell voltages of 70 - 100 mV.  Cancer patients have cell voltages less than 30 mV.

The cells in the body require electricity.  When the cells drop their electrical charge to a certain level, they become sick.

Exposure to Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields helps mitochondria function better and more normally.  PEMF's are like a spark plug or a catalyst for energy production in the cell.

By inducing a mild current into damaged cells, PEMF can therapy slow down or stop the release of pain and inflammatory mediators, increase blood flow, and can re-establish normal cell interaction.

PEMF therapy can give cells energy to boost your immune system function, giving the body a better fighting chance. (5)

Ever wonder why there is no heart Cancer?  The reason is that the heart cells have the highest voltage of any cells in the body.  Think about that!

Chronic illnesses set into the body when cell voltages drop from 50 mV to 30 mV.  Chronic Disease & Pain are ALWAYS defined by a low electrical cell charge.

PEMF therapy can  INCREASE the bodies cellular energy to regain balance for the body to naturally heal itself. (6)

PEMF therapy can be added to all cancer therapy plans.  Given that PEMF is save, non-invasive, and non-toxic, there is little to no risk of any unfortunate interaction with any therapy or treatment the patient is receiving.

INCREASE the Cellular Voltage of your body with Daily PEMF therapy with Swiss Bionic Solutions PEMF equipment! 

EMF's/RF's, 5G and Cancer

We have been using electricity for about 130 years now.  EMF’s can CAUSE CANCER and TUMORS!  Extreme Wireless Microwave Transmissions are MUCH Stronger than our Cells can Tolerate! (11) (12) (13)

This can cause Degeneration, Mutation & Cell Death! (14) (15)

25 years ago 1 in 250 people had cancer.  Today nearly one out of two of us now has cancer.

Since 1961 to today the Frequencies that are entering our bodies are a BILLION times more INTENSE!

With the new Microwave Frequencies of 5G wavelengths, this electromagnetic RADIATION will have the ability to penetrate deep into our bodies.  The extremely high frequencies will produce photons of much greater energy than 4G and Wi-Fi.  There will be a profound effect on all parts of the body.  Cancer rates will increase!

Pregnant women, unborn children, newborns, young children, teenagers, men of reproductive age, the elderly, the disabled, and the chronically ill will be the most vulnerable. (16) (17) (18) (19)

There are many other contributing factors for cancer in today’s world like the food we eat, the fluids that we drink, prescription drugs that we take, environment and work related pollution, etc. (20) (21)

PEMF's can help COUNTERACT these harmful effects on our health, and can help repair non cancerous cells and can help maintain cell health!  PEMF therapy increases the cellular voltage, improves cell function, and can assist to slow down the cells that are vibrating too fast as result of EMF's and RF's .(22) (23)


Cancer cells greatest vulnerability is oxygen since it is a deficiency of oxygen that can initiate the cancer process.  Low levels of oxygen damage respiration enzymes so that cells can not produce enough energy using oxygen.  PEMF therapy INCREASES circulation and there is an INCREASE in Oxygen to the cells.  More Oxygen intake capacity means more energy to the cells.  Cancer hates high levels of Oxygen. (7) (8)

Abnormal, or malignant cells THRIVE in an acidic and anaerobic (low oxygen) environment.  Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline.  With PEMF therapy the PH goes a hundred times more alkaline, which allows for better oxygen uptake.  The red blood cells (take a positive charge and repel each other) in minutes, allowing more surface areas to transport oxygen.

PEMF therapy can increase the uptake of key minerals, micro and macro nutrients, oxygen, and ions into the cells.  PEMF therapy can accelerate detoxification of cells and organs. (9) (10)

Chemo and radiation weaken the body and diminish the body’s immune system.  PEMF therapy can build up the body’s immune system.  Side effects of radiation and chemotherapy can be less severe and can disappear earlier with PEMF therapy.  PEMF therapy can help get rid of toxins from chemotherapy. (24)

Chemotherapy can be twice as effective with the use of PEMF therapy.  PEMF therapy prior to the radiation treatments can make the cancer cells more sensitive to the effects of radiation, therefore radiation results are improved.  PEMF therapy can help protect the normal healthy tissues from being damaged with the effects of radiation.

Use PEMF therapy the day before radiation and the day after radiation.  Use PEMF therapy the day before chemotherapy but wait 48 hours before your next PEMF therapy session.

The cancer patient’s recuperation after surgery can be accelerated with the use of PEMF therapy. (25)

PEMF therapy was FDA-approved for treating brain cancer in 2011.

PEMF therapy can help improve breathing with patients suffering from lung cancer.

PEMF therapy can REDUCE PAIN from those suffering with cancer. (26)

PEMF therapy for cancer patients can improve the quality of life for these individuals and in many cases prolongs their survival.  If life can be extended comfortably, this could be a very important benefit! (27) (28) (29)

This therapy option can change the way cancer is treated in the future!

This therapy option can change the way cancer is treated in the future!


PEMF Therapy Works!

It can work for you!

Repair and Maintain Health at a Cellular Level!

Deal with the Root Cause of your Ailments by addressing impaired Chemistry and the function of Cells!

Regenerates blood cells with better circulation and oxygenation.  Strengthens/ boosts the immune system.

PEMF Health Inc. President Curtis Swischuk.  Certified Health Technician with Swiss Bionic Solutions PEMF equipment.

Swiss Bionic Solutions PEMF therapy has made it possible for me to have a “miraculous” health recovery!  I was so impressed by the results that I received I decided to come out of retirement, share my story, and start this business.  Now it is my passion to help out others benefit from this incredible technology!  Check out the About Us website page.

Curtis Swischuk

PEMF Health Inc.
Healthy outdoors picture of Kerri Shawn who was helped with the PEMF treatments.

I am a breast cancer survivor and a person who leads a very active healthy lifestyle.  My shin splint issues that I had for many years were 100% gone after 14 days use of the PEMF equipment.  I used to have a lot of allergy and food tolerance issues that for the 1st time in my life, the PEMF therapy with time got everything under control.  I am now able to get much better restful sleeps!

Kerri Shawn

Interior Designer- Scottsdale, Arizona
Smiling happy picture of Bert Allen who is a cancer survivor who uses our PEMF equipments daily. Contact us for details.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder and I was informed that I only had 2 to 12 months to live.  I was only a candidate for Radiation treatments.  My legs were quite swollen and my kidney functions were low.  After 21 days with PEMF therapy from Curtis at PEMF Health Inc. my leg swelling was totally gone and my kidney function improved.  It is now 4 years later and I am 100% cancer free as a result of my daily life saving PEMF Therapy.

Bert Allen

Retired School Teacher- Winnipeg, Manitoba
Picture of Susan Finley smiling and full of energy.   For her full testimonial read the testimonials section at the bottom of our webpages.

I was always low on energy and constantly tired.  My iMRS Prime PEMF mat gave me back my energy- when they say it is a human battery charger they are not kidding!!!  I can work out again and feel like I did 30 years ago!!!  Curtis from PEMF Health Inc. is EXTREMELY knowledgeable, a delight to work with, and he is always there for me!   I highly recommend PEMF Health Inc. for their  products and Outstanding Customer Service!!!

Susan Finley

Acoustic Therapeutix- New York
Healthy picture of Ray Hemming who uses PEMF treatments for pain conditions. Contact us to see how we can help you!

I had neck and shoulder pain problems for years.  I was absolutely surprised and delighted that the full body mat and pillow pad treatments could completely and immediately remove my pain!  My daughter had a very bad stroke and Curtis was extremely compassionate and he went out of his way to assist her with PEMF therapy many times.  This is definitely the PEMF company that I would recommend for their superior service and amazing products!

Ray Hemming

Farmer- Yorkton, Saskatchewan
A man with glasses and a black shirt

This incredible system has completely transformed my life!  As someone who has suffered from a chronic sinus condition, I decided to give it a try, and I am glad that I did.  The results have been nothing short of amazing.  For the first time ever, I can breathe through my nose, bringing me instant relief and improving my overall well-being.  The impact it has had on my sleep quality is truly remarkable.  I wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to tackle the day ahead with newfound energy.

Wes Windham

Area Manager Radiology - Carrollton Texas