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Curtis Swischuk- PEMF Health Inc.

Curtis Swishuk

Become A Distributor

Curtis Swischuk- PEMF Health Inc.

Curtis Swishuk

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Become a Distributor with Swiss Bionic Solutions Products

PEMF Health Inc. would pleased to assist you in joining our highly motivated and dedicated selling organization.

You can join as an individual in your personal name, you can start a new Health and Wellness business, or you can add on to your current Health and Wellness business income.

You can get involved on a part time basis to add in with what you currently do, or you can have a full time career with the Swiss Bionic Solutions products.

PEMF Health Inc. will assist you with an online course that you will be required to complete. You will then be certified to sell and offer treatment therapy sessions.  You will also receive information on how to offer training and support for your customers.

You will receive your own representative identification number and a personalized website from Swiss Bionic Solutions. You will be able to direct your customers to this website.  You will be shown how to access the login to your back office where there will be all kinds of forms and information to assist you with your new business venture.

PEMF Health Inc. will get you familiar with the back office that Swiss Bionic Solutions will provide for you.

PEMF Health Inc. will make everything extremely clear for you on a step by step basis.

You will have to purchase an Omnium 1 2.0 mat package to be able to sell and demonstrate the Omnium 1 2.0 mat products.

You will have to purchase an iMRS prime mat package to show and sell the iMRS prime mat products.

If you wish, you can choose a 0% down payment financing plan in Canada and the USA.  

You do not have to purchase inventory for this business. You work with your customers and fill out an online order form, and their purchases are shipped to them from Swiss Bionic Solutions warehouse locations.  If you want, you can sell Globally!

Swiss Bionic Solutions PEMF equipment sales will be an increasingly strong business to be involved with in the future.  More and more people are becoming aware of this technology and they are making purchases!  This is an EXCELLENT business to help customers receive these essential products.

If you have any questions we are here to help. Let’s build a Lucrative Business together!

Let us assist you in purchasing the correct PEMF systems for your personal home based business, Clinical Centre, or Wellness Centre needs.

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PEMF Therapy Works!

It can work for you!

Repair and Maintain Health at a Cellular Level!

Deal with the Root Cause of your Ailments by addressing impaired Chemistry and the function of Cells!

Regenerates blood cells with better circulation and oxygenation.  Strengthens/ boosts the immune system.

Curtis Swischuk- PEMF Health Inc.

Swiss Bionic Solutions PEMF Equipment treatments have made it possible for me to have a “MIRACULOUS” health recovery!  I was so impressed by the results that I received I decided to come out of retirement, share my story, and start this business.  Now it is my PASSION to help out others benefit from this INCREDIBLE technology!  Check out the About Us page.

Curtis Swischuk

PEMF Health Inc.
Kerri testimonial- PEMF Health Inc.

I am a breast cancer survivor and a person who leads a very active healthy lifestyle.  My shin splint issues that I had for many years were 100% gone after 14 days use of the PEMF equipment.  I used to have a lot of allergy and food tolerance issues that for the 1st time in my life, the PEMF treatments with time got everything under control.  I am now able to get much better restful sleeps!

Kerri Shawn

Interior Designer- Scottsdale, Arizona
Bert Testimonial- PEMF Health Inc.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder and I was informed that I only had 2 to 12 months to live.  I was only a candidate for Radiation treatments.  My legs were quite swollen and my kidney functions were low.  After 21 days with PEMF treatment therapy from Curtis at PEMF Health Inc. my leg swelling was totally gone and my kidney function improved.  It is now 2 years later and I am 100% cancer free as a result of my daily lifesaving PEMF treatments.

Bert Allen

Retired School Teacher- Winnipeg, Manitoba
Susan testimonial picture- PEMF Health Inc.

I was always low on energy and constantly tired.  My iMRS Prime PEMF mat gave me back my energy- when they say it is a human battery charger they are not kidding!!!  I can work out again and feel like I did 30 years ago!!!  Curtis from PEMF Health Inc. is EXTREMELY knowledgeable, a delight to work with, and he is always there for me!   I highly recommend PEMF Health Inc. for their  products and Outstanding Customer Service!!!

Susan Finley

Acoustic Therapeutix- New York
Ray Hemming testimonial- PEMF Health Inc.

I had neck and shoulder pain problems for years.  I was absolutely surprised and delighted that the full body mat and pillow pad treatments could completely and immediately remove my pain!  My daughter had a very bad stroke and Curtis was EXTREMELY compassionate and he went out of his way to assist her with PEMF treatments many times.  This is definitely the PEMF company that I would recommend for their superior service and amazing products!

Ray Hemming

Farmer- Yorkton, Saskatchewan