iMRS prime
Controller Features

iMRS prime
Controller Features

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Fast Start Programs

7 easy to use applicators

iMRS prime Controller Fast Start screen. 7 easy to use fast start programs.
  • Balance- Duration: 24 minutes Intensity 25. Good for morning or afternoon sessions.
  • Relax- Duration: 24 minutes starting Intensity 25 at 12 minutes remaining reduces to 10 intensity. Good for afternoon or evening sessions.
  • Performance- Duration: 12 minutes. Starting Intensity 50 then after 4 minute intervals increases to 100 then 200. Great before exercise.
  • Activation- Duration: 12 minutes, starting Intensity 10. At 4 minute intervals increases to 25 and 50. Good for morning or afternoon sessions.
  • Regeneration- Duration: 24 minutes starts at 25 Intensity at 12 min left decreases to 10 intensity, at 4 minutes left decreases to sensitive. Great for late morning and afternoon.
  • Sleep- Duration: 24 minutes starts at Intensity 10 then at 12 minutes remaining reduces two sensitive. Treatment session just before bedtime.
  • Solfeggio Scale 9- Duration: 18 minutes Intensity 25. Good for morning or afternoon sessions.

Programmed Applications

Create your own individual user profiles

iMRS prime Controller User screen. Programmed Applications- create your own individual user profiles.
  • The software option "Program Mode" offers you the possibility to save different users in advance.
  • For each Applicator you can save all organ clocks with all time and intensity levels in advance and start the preset application afterwards by selecting the respective user.
  • Press the "Program Mode" button in the start menu.
  • Click on "Create new user" to start the programming mode.
  • In the next step, enter a name and (if desired) a description by using the on- screen keyboard.
  • Click "Next " to switch to the settings screen.
  • The timer and intensity levels can be adjusted and set for all Applicators.
  • Every Applicator gets programmed for all organ clocks (morning, noon, evening, night) then you proceed to the next Applicator.
  • Repeat the steps for each additional user.

Split Function

2 PEMF systems in one

iMRS prime Split Function screen. Two PEMF systems in one. Allowing two applicators to be used at the same time.
  • In Split Mode, you can run two Applicators completely independently of each other.
  • One person may have two different treatments at the same time or two individuals can have a treatment each.
  • In this setting, the screen of the control is divided into a left and a right area.
  • The Connector Box has Applicators- left and Applicators- right that connects the 20 pin medical Applicator cord connections.
  • For Split Mode to work, the two Applicators that are chosen to be used must be plugged into opposite sides of the Connector Box.

Brainwave Entrainment

Light, sound, and color

iMRS prime Brainwave function screen. Control and adjust light, sound, and color. Create any desired color for Brainwave entrainment.
  • Plug in Exagon Brain and click to activate Goggles, Music, and Tones when you want to use the Exagon Brain.
  • You can adjust the colors red, green, blue, and the intensity by pressing down and clicking on the - and + symbols.
  • Morning, noon, evening, and night settings have different preset factory color combinations.
  • So many different custom therapy treatment colors can be created.
  • Exagon Brain can be used with any Accessory session treatment.

Advanced Biofeedback

HRV recording and SPO2 monitoring

iMRS prime Control Unit Biofeedback function screen. HRV recording and SP02 monitoring.  Graph on control unit and Kubios chart information show the HRV through the session.  Learn more.
  • The Exagon Sense (Finger Sensor) provides heart rate and oxygen saturation information to the Control Unit.
  • The treatment session intensities are increased and decreased with the HRV fluctuation when the Exagon Sense is used.
  • The heart rate and oxygen saturation is displayed throughout the session.
  • Personal health results can be stored on a USB thumb drive and then transferred to Kubios.

Hybrid Operation

PEMF and FIR simultaneously

iMRS prime Controller FIR function screen. User can set the session temperature between 32 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If you have an Exagon FIR whole body mat, you can use the Hybrid option.
  • User can have a PEMF mat treatment and an infrared application at the same time.
  • Full body mat treatment temperatures can be adjusted between 32 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius.

Trial Version

For scientific research and signal reproduction

Control Unit Trial function screen.  Built in frequency generator- allows user to enter any frequency (carrier/repetion rate, etc.) intensity, and waveform, etc.
  • The Trial Mode is for study purposes and is reserved for Medical personnel.
  • Higher frequencies can be created with different waveforms to match what certain Clinic Doctor's are doing with their patient's who have broken or fractured bones etc.
  • Here it is possible to create groups and users and to define the waveform, frequency, pulse duration, intensity, time, brainwave stimulation, and the temperature of the FIR mat itself.

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