iMRS Fauna

Swiss Engineered

 German Technology

We offer a FREE iMRS SkinBag for the Control Unit when you buy from us

Unlimited phone, email, and message support to all our customers

iMRS Fauna

Swiss Engineered

 German Technology

We offer a FREE iMRS SkinBag for the Control Unit when you buy from us

Unlimited phone, email, and message support to all our customers

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iMRS PEMF treatments for Horses & Animals – iMRS fauna

  • 1

    The Fauna Area Applicators transfer a harmless, gentle, stress free way to deliver PEMF waveforms to any animal.  The newly developed area applicators do not have to get in contact with the animal anymore like our competitor's models. 

  • 2

    A basic suspension mechanism makes it nice and easy to have a two-sided installation of both area applicators within the stables.  The animal is automatically and non-intrusively exposed to the applied pulsed electromagnetic field.

  • 3

    The 2 leg applicators enable a more specific and local treatment application for the lower limbs of the animal.  The area applicators are constructed with very light weight durable material.  The suspension mechanism is adjustable to ensure fast, easy, and highly effective use. 

iMRS Fauna Control Unit And Applicators

iMRS Fauna System Includes:

  • iMRS control unit with iMRS Fauna SD-Card
  • iGUIDE for animals
  • iMRS Fauna biorhythm organ clock
  • Two Treatment Sheet applicators
  • Two leg applicators
  • Power plug
  • 3 Year Unconditional Warranty on the iMRS Control unit, the Area Applicators, and the Leg Applicators

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iMRS Control Unit with  iMRS  Fauna SD Card

The  iMRS Fauna includes a built-in Biorhythm Organ Clock.  According to the Chinese Organ Clock, organs have their peak function at different times within 24 hours of the day.

The yin-yang principle of the organs of an animal are divided into two groups- day (yang) and night (yin) organs.  The iMRS Fauna uses these biological daily rhythms in all its treatment time settings.

The Fauna iGUIDE has  37 recommended and pre-programmed settings for special physical conditions.  The settings are available for the applicators (area applicator, and the leg applicator).

iMRS Controller- PEMF Health Inc.

Area Applicators

iMRS Fauna Area Applicator- PEMF Health Inc.
  • Material is nylon
  • Colour is anthracite coal
  • Suspension is loops and strings
  • The dimensions are 7.74 ft x 6.89 ft (W X H)
  • Weight is 9.26 pounds
  • Delivery with 2-area applicators including 16.4 ft of connecting cable
  • Delivers triple  sawtooth waveform with built-in Chinese organ clock
  • The Field intensity is 0.5 - 70 microtesla

iMRS Fauna Leg Applicators

Two Leg Applicators provide a more specific and local application for the lower extremities of the animals.  They are easy to adjust with the elastic rubber bands and Velcro-clasps.

The leg applicator transfers the NASA square wave.  The adjustable suspension mechanism and very durable and light materials provide a fast, easy and highly effective use.

  • Material is nylon
  • Colour is anthracite coal
  • They attach with elastic rubber bands with velcro clasp
  • The dimensions are 1.28 ft x 1.47 ft (W x H)
  • Weight is 1.76 pounds
  • Delivered with 2 leg applicators included with approximately 13.12 ft of connecting cable
  • The field intensity is 1-200 microtesla
iMRS Fauna Leg Applicators- PEMF Health Inc.

All of the applicators can be simultaneously connected to the iMRS control unit.  The software automatically detects the designated applicator.

iMRS Controller case cover

iMRS Control Unit in the SkinBag- PEMF Health Inc.

SkinBag is specially designed to protect your iMRS control unit in the field.  It comes with a see through plastic cover that protects the top of the iMRS controller- not shown in picture.

  • Material is nylon
  • Colour is anthracite coal


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