PEMF For Pets

PEMF For Pets

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Benefits of PEMF therapy to your pets

Veterinarians became the first health professionals to use pulsed magnetic therapy equipment in North America.

PEMF THERAPY IS SAFE FOR PETS.  Therapy sessions are not painful, and there are no side-effects.

PEMF therapy sessions are non-invasive, and can be used on all pets.

The gentle magnetic fields produced by our PEMF equipment induce electrical current to all of the cells of your pet’s body.

This regulates blood flow, promotes healthy cell function, increases the uptake of micro and  macro nutrients and minerals.  Also promotes the removal of waste products, and stimulates the regeneration process. (1) (2)

By using Swiss Bionic Solutions PEMF therapy, you will ENERGIZE your pet’s cells.  This will allow your pet’s damaged cells to heal and re-balance themselves. (3)

Our Pulsed Magnetic therapy offers a safe alternative to painkillers.  Besides helping with pain management, pulsed magnetic therapy can help with increasing the range of motion for your pet.  This is EXTREMELY beneficial as your pets age. (4) (5) (6)

Our PEMF therapy equipment helps pets heal themselves, and pain is quickly relieved naturally.  After just a few weeks of therapy, many pet owners report seeing their pets rise up and move around more easily - without showing indications of pain.  PEMF Therapy will benefit your pet’s entire body in MANY ways!

PEMF therapy for your pets can be used for almost any health condition.  PEMF therapy is often favored to treatment with medications, or may be able to be used in conjunction with medications.

Animals have an accelerated metabolism and may be more sensitive to PEMF therapy.  They may respond to therapy much more quickly than humans.

Swiss Bionic Solutions PEMF therapy will work on every single cell of your pet's body.  All of the different cell types are stimulated and there are numerous benefits for your pet, some of which are listed bellow.

PEMF treatments for your pets are quick, easy, and effective!  There are remarkable initial and long term benefits!


PEMF Health Benefits for Pets

  • Improves quality of life
  • Increases life span (7)
  • Improves muscle function and strength
  • Improves Micro and Macro blood circulation (8)
  • Increases blood oxygenation, which improves the heart and lung function (9)
  • Increases energy (10)
  • Pain relief (11) (12) (13)
  • Pain relief from arthritis (14) (15)
  • Reduces inflammation (16)
  • Improves digestion (17)
  • Disease management and prevention
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Helps with diabetes (18) (19)
  • Improves performance and mobility
  • Faster recovery from injury and wounds (20) (21)
  • Maintain stronger and healthier bones (22)
  • Fractured or broken bones heal faster (23) (24)
  • Helps with spinal cord problems
  • Helps in the regeneration of nerves and neural pathways (25)
  • Helps with seizure disorders
  • Helps with skin disorders
  • Improves mood (26)
  • Helps with weight loss
  • And many more

Pets seem to know that our PEMF therapy is helping them and they are calm and relaxed when they receive treatments!