PEMF Health Inc. pulsating mat picture that will penetrate the 75 trillion cells of the entire body to provide OPTIMAL health at a cellular level.

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PEMF Health Inc. is an independent distributor for Swiss Bionic Solutions.  Swiss Bionic Solutions mat products are sold exclusively.

Competitor models are sold by different distributors. 

*Pricing may not be up to date because of constant changes to the world market.


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There are lower priced PEMF equipment companies and there are a lot of higher priced PEMF equipment companies in the marketplace.   Not all PEMF devices deliver the same results.

While all PEMF devices work by creating pulsed electromagnetic fields, the characteristics of the fields and the way that they interact with your body can be VERY different from one system to the next.  The biggest differences are typically seen in the types of applicators available and the characteristics of the fields generated through them.   

Some of these devices combine crystals and other components.  Some of the lower priced competitors only produce EXTREMELY low magnetic fields!  They also offer different waveforms like the Sine Wave that is outdated!  While they can be somewhat useful, they are not expected to be very effective for significant health issues.  Most of the competitors waveforms are also not in the Schumann Frequency range between 0.5 to 30 Hertz to match the frequencies of the body!  Swiss Bionic Solutions devices are exposing magnetic field strengths within the range of the earth magnetic field, which are considered to be safe and harmless by law while achieving remarkable overall health and wellness benefits. 

There is very little solid scientific evidence for benefits for most health conditions from Extremely low intensity PEMF's or from crystals.  This does not mean they can’t help some with some issues. 

With mostly all the similarly priced PEMF or more expensive PEMF competitors their magnetic fields are higher or much higher than what is considered safe for home use.  Our products are FDA and Health Canada approved and regulated!  All of our PEMF Systems are Class II Medical Devices.  

Most competitors are selling their PEMF equipment WITHOUT a Medical Device License or FDA Clearance!

So many PEMF equipment companies are trying to sell their mat products by saying that they have the best model available, by discussing their selling features, warranties, return policies, etc. 

Swiss Bionic Solutions products are the most effective and SAFE home use products available! 

Swiss Bionic Solutions mats and accessory items are engineered with solid uninsulated copper coils that deliver pure electromagnetic exposure.   

The full body mat mimics exactly how we are receiving the electromagnetic field of the earth higher at the feet (bottom), lower at the head (top).  

For PEMF to be fully effective, the signal must be pulsating so the body does not habituate to it.  The iMRS prime and the Omnium 1 2.0 full body mats apply the Sawtooth vibrations also called Sawtooth waveform.  Our full body mats provide a wide Frequency range of 0.5 - 28 Hz which deliver even and uneven harmonics.  The Sawtooth waveform will create the BEST resonating effects with all of the 100 trillion cells within the human body! 

Our full body mat delivers highly sophisticated triple Sawtooth patterns (3 times more over waves).  The vibrations are created through very complex patterns of triangle and square waves.  These unique wave-form frequencies STIMULATE all of the entire body's cellular structure!  Competitor PEMF equipment does not!

The iMRS prime / Omnium 1 2.0 systems are the ONLY SYSTEMS in the world with a built-in N/S magnetic pole shift (every 2 minutes) together with a circadian rhythm frequency adaptation (Organ Clock).  The Chinese Biorhythm Clock incorporated into the controller allows the body to receive adjusted frequency ranges according to the time of the day. 

The iMRS prime / Omnium 1 2.0 systems are the only PEMF systems in the world with the capability to simultaneously control and perform PEMF and Brain Wave Entrainment! 

The accessory applicators for all of our devices utilize Square Wave technology.  NASA was the first organization to use these patented frequencies.  Our accessories provide EXTREMELY beneficial results when used on injured areas of the body, or anywhere where pain, aches, or inflammation and poor circulation are present. 

The iMRS Fauna has newly developed area applicators that do not have get in contact with the animal anymore like our competitors.  A basic suspension mechanism makes it nice and easy to have a two-sided installation of both area applicators within the stables.  The iMRS Fauna leads the industry with the same kind of N/S magnetic pole shifts together with the Chinese Biorhythm Clock.

 No competitive system on the market delivers these combined and highly effective solutions! 

PEMF Therapy Works!

It can work for you!

Repair and Maintain Health at a Cellular Level!

Deal with the Root Cause of your Ailments by addressing impaired Chemistry and the function of Cells!

Regenerates blood cells with better circulation and oxygenation.  Strengthens/ boosts the immune system.

PEMF Health Inc. President Curtis Swischuk.  Certified Health Technician with Swiss Bionic Solutions PEMF equipment.

Swiss Bionic Solutions PEMF therapy has made it possible for me to have a “miraculous” health recovery!  I was so impressed by the results that I received I decided to come out of retirement, share my story, and start this business.  Now it is my passion to help out others benefit from this incredible technology!  Check out the About Us website page.

Curtis Swischuk

PEMF Health Inc.
Healthy outdoors picture of Kerri Shawn who was helped with the PEMF treatments.

I am a breast cancer survivor and a person who leads a very active healthy lifestyle.  My shin splint issues that I had for many years were 100% gone after 14 days use of the PEMF equipment.  I used to have a lot of allergy and food tolerance issues that for the 1st time in my life, the PEMF therapy with time got everything under control.  I am now able to get much better restful sleeps!

Kerri Shawn

Interior Designer- Scottsdale, Arizona
Smiling happy picture of Bert Allen who is a cancer survivor who uses our PEMF equipments daily. Contact us for details.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder and I was informed that I only had 2 to 12 months to live.  I was only a candidate for Radiation treatments.  My legs were quite swollen and my kidney functions were low.  After 21 days with PEMF therapy from Curtis at PEMF Health Inc. my leg swelling was totally gone and my kidney function improved.  It is now 4 years later and I am 100% cancer free as a result of my daily life saving PEMF Therapy.

Bert Allen

Retired School Teacher- Winnipeg, Manitoba
Picture of Susan Finley smiling and full of energy.   For her full testimonial read the testimonials section at the bottom of our webpages.

I was always low on energy and constantly tired.  My iMRS Prime PEMF mat gave me back my energy- when they say it is a human battery charger they are not kidding!!!  I can work out again and feel like I did 30 years ago!!!  Curtis from PEMF Health Inc. is EXTREMELY knowledgeable, a delight to work with, and he is always there for me!   I highly recommend PEMF Health Inc. for their  products and Outstanding Customer Service!!!

Susan Finley

Acoustic Therapeutix- New York
Healthy picture of Ray Hemming who uses PEMF treatments for pain conditions. Contact us to see how we can help you!

I had neck and shoulder pain problems for years.  I was absolutely surprised and delighted that the full body mat and pillow pad treatments could completely and immediately remove my pain!  My daughter had a very bad stroke and Curtis was extremely compassionate and he went out of his way to assist her with PEMF therapy many times.  This is definitely the PEMF company that I would recommend for their superior service and amazing products!

Ray Hemming

Farmer- Yorkton, Saskatchewan
A man with glasses and a black shirt

This incredible system has completely transformed my life!  As someone who has suffered from a chronic sinus condition, I decided to give it a try, and I am glad that I did.  The results have been nothing short of amazing.  For the first time ever, I can breathe through my nose, bringing me instant relief and improving my overall well-being.  The impact it has had on my sleep quality is truly remarkable.  I wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to tackle the day ahead with newfound energy.

Wes Windham

Area Manager Radiology - Carrollton Texas